A French Luncheon

Bistro Moncur, The Woollahra Hotel

116 Queen Street
Woollahra NSW 2025
(02) 9699 1011

Light lunch for 4: We had the Balmain bug salad, tuna salad, pork sausages, tripe, and a side serving of broccoli.

Verdict: Certainly on the pricey side of town, but it’s a neat bistro that knows what it’s doing.

Tuna Salad


Bistro Moncur Pure Pork Sausages


SIde dish of Broccoli

Woollahra is a beautiful leafy suburb with plenty of cafes and restaurants to choose from. Bistro Moncur has been here since 1993, and headed by Damien Pignolet, it’s one of the more well known institutions.

As the bistro doesn’t take bookings for Sunday lunch, we arrive when it opens, at noon, for an early lunch. The girls opt for salads while the boys opt for meat. My salad is light and fresh: the tuna is lightly seared on the outside and nice and pink on the inside.  The radicchio is thinly sliced and adds some crunch to the dish. The Balmain bug salad is similarly well-received. The pork sausages are made in-house – they are very thick and tasty,  and served with mash and gravy.  The tripe is accompanied with a rich soupy sauce, but has a bit too much of a tomato taste for hubby’s palate. The broccoli is buttery and topped with some almond slivers which add texture to this lovely side dish.

My one disappointment is the bread. I love it when the complimentary bread rolls are fresh and served warm. The sourdough slices here lack a crunchy crust and make chewy mouthfuls. This place isn’t cheap, but what it does offer is French dining in a classic bistro ambience with white tablecloths and attentive service.

x EMH.

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